Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Film Screening November 12, '10 at 9:30 pm

Wings of Desire

Director : Wim Wenders

Language: German

Run Time: 128 min

Venue: IDC Auditorium

Time: 9:30 P.M.


This Wim Wenders film centers around the story of two angels wandering in a mixture of post-war and modern Berlin. Invisible to humans, they nevertheless give their help and comfort to all the lonely and depressed souls they meet. Finally, after many centuries, one of the angels becomes unhappy with his immortal state and wishes to become human in order to experience the joys of everyday life. He meets a circus acrobat and finds in her the fufillment of all his mortal desires. He also discovers that he is not alone in making this cross over, and that a purely spiritual experience is not enough to satisfy anyone.


Some criticisms

“How much Eurobabble are you willing to endure in exchange for a look at one of the cinema's most ravishing and compassionate screen visions?”

“a film of sheer visual poetry and deep emotional resonance”

“Wings of Desire enthralls me, and it sends me back to my life a richer person, glad to be alive, looking about at the mundane and the everyday with new appreciation.”




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