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Friday Film Screening, January 29, 2009

Film: Il Divo
Director: Paulo Sorrentino
Language: Italian
Runtime: 110 min

About the man who was called, "The Black Pope", "The Hunchback", "The Fox", "Beelzebub" etc. of Italian politics. To the whole nation he was "Il Divo". This film won the Jury prize in the Best Film category at the
Cannes Film Festival (2008).
From the Press:

"It ranks alongside the best of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola"
-The New York Times

"A thrilling movie picture"

"Thoroughly rewarding journey through modern political gangsterism"
-New York Magazine

"For those searching for some quality film making look no further than
film festival favorite and winner of Cannes jury prize Il Divo"
-The New York Observer


Quotes from the film (all by Giulio Andreotti)

"We learn from the Gospel that when they asked Jesus what truth was, he
did not reply. "

"You always find the culprit in crime novels but not always in real life. "

"The most difficult dictatorship to hate is your own."

"I know I am an average man but looking around I do not see any giant. "

"Thinking ill of your fellow man is a sin, but you have guessed right."

"I have no minor vices. "

"I don't believe in chance, I believe in the will of God. "


You'll get everything about the film you wanted to know here:


Must must must read according to me: (A short introduction to Giulio



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